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Jimatkan Kos Iklan dan Maksimumkan Pemasaran Zero Kos Di Facebook

AUTOFB : Facebook Autopost Web Version

- Web Base version (can access from mobile phone)

- No need to open PC everytime to run

- Required token to use (advanced)

- Can auto post into FB Profile, Page and Group (include non-admin group)

- Can view total members of FB groups

- Can view post insight report

- Fully automation & and run 24 hours

- Other features: Auto Join FB group, Auto Share Post, Auto Comment Post and Auto Like Post

- More simple and good for user that always work on mobile phone

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KITFB : Facebook Autopost PC/Windows Version

- PC/Windows version (can access from mobile phone by using RDP)

- Need to on PC everytime to run

- No need token to use

- Can auto post into FB Group only (include non-admin group)

- Can view post insight from history log

- Semi automation & and must keep PC on

- Other features: Can Auto Join Group, Auto Share Post, Auto List Marketplace, Auto Comment Post, Auto Add Friend and Auto Inbox Friend

- More advanced and good for user that always work on PC/Laptop

Learn More