The Most Powerful software that can make fully automation to your FACEBOOK, get unlimited leads & sales wihtout manual task!


  • Auto Reply Comments
  • Auto Like Comments
  • Auto Reply Messages/Chats
  • Auto Broadcast Messages
  • Auto Follow-up Messages
  • Auto Import Existing Leads
  • Leads Reengagement
  • Live Analytics & Statistics
  • Automated Leads Capture
  • Leads Database Manager
  • Leads Funnel and Segmentation
  • Mail Marketing Autoresponder
  • Built In Optin Messenger
  • Messenger Menu Builder
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Spam Comment Filter
  • Live Chat 24/7 Anytime
  • ...and many more!

It's impossible for you to have 24/7 support to reply messages or comments on facebook immediately.

" Imagine when a visitor or a potential customer comes to your Facebook page at 3 AM in the morning and inquires about a service/product. At the same time, you are deep asleep or traveling on business and cannot respond. Wait a few hours to reply back might you have lost the sales to someone else! "

This is a brand new technology that you can implement today.
Your 'Loyal Staff' will reply messages or comments automatically and they keep making purchases with ease! You just waiting money going into your account!


" When Facebook blows you up with an air bomb that’s when you’ll be stuck! Not knowing what to do and how to get back your fans details! "

"MONEY is in the LIST", but its almost impossible if you have even 100 people commenting or messaging every minute and you want to keep their details. It’s time consuming and you rather do something more profitable! You or your staff is probably wasting hours every week on tasks that this will do for you in minutes.

JOMFB doesn’t just AUTOCAPTURE all your PROSPECTS DATA, you’re even able to SEND MASS FOLLOW-UP MESSAGES to all prospects within a click!

This software makes autorespond to your fans/new visitors, getting leads & converting them into sales!

" JOMFB Facebook Automation is your solution to automate your income streams! If you don't have latest cutting edge tools, you certainly can't succeed especially on Facebook. "

If You Don’t Flow With Current Trend, Your Business Will Only See Downfall!

"A MUST HAVE software for everyone who is currently running their business on Facebook because it helps you to FOLLOW UP prospects AUTOMATICALLY and be without doubt your "best staff" serving you for 24 hours!"

1153635 Messages Delivery
979 Users Project

JOMFB covers all possible functionality you can think of to leverage your Online Business

JOMFB: All in One Facebook Automation Tools is a powerful software that helps to automate your business on Facebook Fanpages : Autorespond to visitors messages or comments, autocapture unlimited leads, send broadcast messages and autoengage page visitors converting them into sales 100% automation!

Allow you to reply comment, like comment or send a personal message to your audience that leaves a comment on your Fanpage post.
You can test LIVE DEMO here, type 'NAK' at comment post and see how it work.

  • Autoreply public comments
  • Autoreply comment privately (message sent to inbox)
  • Autolike sender comments
  • Attach image/URL link in public comments reply
  • Autoreply with personal sender name

Reply and trigger intelligent messages based on user behaviour are known to boost Engagement by 10X.
You can test LIVE DEMO here, type 'Hi' in message box and see how it work.

  • Autoreply messages/Chats
  • Multiple message triggers
  • Smart sequence messages (unlimited flow)
  • Reply with dynamic personalization
  • Reply message contain certain keywords, phrases etc.
  • Captured data when customers sent or replied messages
  • Using our message templates, you can send messages with Audio, Image, Video, Multiple Text, File, Carousel, Quickreply Button, Button List, Item List, RSS News and Match FAQs.

The chatbot even grabs the leads for you, saves it for you to contact them later.

  • Unlmited listing captured users
  • Download/export users list to CSV
  • Group list management & add users segmentation
  • Detail view report/graph list growth
  • Can capture more users data (Firstname, Lastname, Primary Email, Gender, Timezone, Locale, About, Birthday, Hometown, Relationship status, Website, Political and Religion)

Can capture past and new contacts/customers directly to your list and send follow-up message to all without hassle!

  • Import past and new leads from ealier you create Page
  • Send messages to old or new prospects without limitations
  • Captured all commenters and send messages to them
  • View last time you make conversation with visitors

Sending message in 1-CLICK to all your leads/visitors and get 100% inboxing, means users will actually see your messages every single time.

  • Send mass message to all users with one click
  • Send broadcast now, schedule or recurring
  • Send broadcast to multiple segment of users group
  • Send broadcast RSS News from website/blog
  • Broadcast live report with open rate statistics

Auto synchronize data with email marketing and can follow up leads by email automation

  • Automate campaigns to your recipients
  • Auto synchronize data with email marketing
  • Follow up leads by email automation
  • No more fake emails, no more to create opt-in form
  • Instantly gratify their desire for your content or newsletters.
  • Support email Autoresponder from MailChimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign and Sendlane. More autoresponder coming soon.

No more fake email or no need to confirm their sign up! You can capture new visitors to your list immediately after signup/subscribe.

  • No need to create landing page to collect leads
  • Sending messages automatically after signup
  • Protection from spam addresses being added to your list
  • A great way to start drip campaigns for broadcast marketing
  • Can capture more users data (Firstname, Lastname, Primary Email, Gender, Timezone, Locale, About, Birthday, Hometown, Relationship status, Website, Political and Religion)

Live chat with your visitors 24/7 at website using Facebook Messenger.
Plugin available: Messenger Button, Popup, ChatBox and Messenger Footer.

  • Allow your clients to easily Live Chat at your website
  • Boost your sales - Don`t miss potential clients
  • Support your customers using Facebook Messenger as a Live Help App
  • Multilingual Support
  • Get Instant Notification on your PC and Phone
  • Increase your Fan Page Like

You can get personal support from JOMFB team, take consultation from team or fellow group members. We will help you!

  • Full documentation Guide & Video
  • Support group circle
  • Support via email
  • One to one live support

Using JOMFB on your Fan Pages is as Easy as 1-2-3…There is absolutely NOTHING to install!

After you purchase, login to your online account and follow the simple guides that walk you through everything. We also provide LIVE SUPPORT & VIDEO TUTORIALS.

STEP 1 : Login & Connect with Facebook  Simple connect your Facebook fanpage with our software – No need to download or install. Also no need to create own apps and submit review for approval! 

STEP 2 : Configure Automation Tools Configure campaign automation using tools for messaging and commenting. Example, how to reply when someone types Hi, Hello, Price.. etc.  

STEP 3 : You’re DONE! Grow Your Engagement & Sales! You can deploy your bot to go LIVE and platform will work for you 24/7 anytime. Business engagement will grow!