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You can capture data: Firstname, Lastname, Email, Gender, Timezone, Locale, Birthday, Hometown, Relationship status, and Website with single click without filling out any fields!

What are benefits using Messenger Opt-In?

  • No more fake email or no need to confirm their sign up!

  • You can capture new visitors to your list immediately.

  • You can instantly gratify their desire for your content or newsletters.

  • Protection from spam addresses being added to your list.

  • Get instant notification directly in Messenger.

  • Increased engagement and conversion.

  • A great way to start drip campaigns for broadcast marketing. And hopefully later convert that subscriber/lead into a customer!

  • What are cons using Email Opt-In?

  • You will get fake emails. If you are offering content immediately upon signup, a user could give a fake email address, so they can get your content.

  • You will get incorrect email addresses. A user may sign up for your list and mistype their email address, thereby giving your email list a false lead and can hurt your email marketing.

  • You are creating more steps for users to take to get your content, thereby risking that the visitor may not complete the signup process.

  • People just miss the first confirmation email sometimes. And if you are scared of spam emails, you need to spend a few hours every month to clean your list!